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I hope you are all doing well.

Here's a new blog module for anything related to the shop. More easy to communicate long stuff rather than twitter.

  • COVID-19 and Shipping

As you can see, the store just reopened, but due to the COVID-19, some changes will be added:

- Shipping will only occurred once a week. Orders from Monday to Sunday are ship on the next Monday (if possible), which mean if you order on a Monday, your order will be shipped on the next Monday.

Also, if you order something which required a preparation time (like 3Dprinted), this will delay the shipping.

- Canada Post is still under a heavy load of packages, and Customs Border still slow down traffic between outbound packages, I'll temporary remove the untracked package (reason on the next point)

- I won't be responsible if ANY package got lost: don't try to contact me for transport issue, I already have my part of dealing with personal packages, some still in limbo since march. I'll however provide support if I could.

  • NES I/O restock delayed

Regarding the NES I/O stock, I've fried my own NES as long as my NESRGB mod while testing the No-CUT version.

So all the kit (NES and Famicom I/O, both Multi-out and No-CUT) will be delaying untill I'm 100% this is due to the issue I found specifically on the No-CUT version, and not the modification I did for the audio module. I'm currently investigating and got external support for testing. Once all issue will be cleared, I'll put the boards in sale. Good side is, I've already got the parts for a small batch, so only PCBs will have to be reorderd (JLCPCB is fast even with the pandemic).

  • New products

New products are now available, or will be in the future days:

- DFO 3.3V for Playstation and MVS-1FS

- SuperGun Minigun 2.5

TSOP to Willem Adapter

- MegaAmp 2.0 rev 2, replacing the old rev 1.2

- Full frame bezel for Madcatz TE2/TE2+

- Latch replacement for Madcatz TE2/TE2+

- Hori Fighting Commander 4 D-PAD kit

  • Restocks

- DFO 5V

- Voultar RGB bypass for Genesis/Megadrive

Stay Safe,

The Real Phoenix

[COVID-19] Slighty return to normal shipping // NES I/O delay
[COVID-19] Slighty return to normal shipping...