• About the shipping,

I had to go back to work starting this week, and I have access to a post office on the way.

Shipping will be now on tuesday/wednesday/thirsday.

  • About the NES I/O

I fried my NESRGB, PPU and CPU on my personal NES while testing the no cut version. Even with a spare PPU and CPU, I still don't get the NESRGB repair, or my NES is more damaged than I thought. Still have to sort out everything, but eventually I'll have to order a new NESRGB from Australia next paycheck, and with the pandemic I have no idea when I'll get them.

NES I/O delay untill further notice.


[COVID-19] Reopening, new policies and warning
Hi there, I hope you are all doing well. As you can see, the store just reopened, but due to the COVID-19, some changes will be added. - Shipping will only occurred once a week, on Monday if possible, - Canada Post is currently an heavy load of packages, and Customs Border still slow do...