Terms & Conditions


  • Terms & Condition, descriptions of object, etc. and everything related to this website can be subject to modifications, changes and update without warning,

All Orders (Products, Prototypes, 2nd Hand/Refurbish, etc...)

  • Any order placed on this website is non-cancellable. Any modifications required to an order after payment is not guaranteed in any way, shape or form.
  • The only acceptable form of payment is Paypal.
  • If your country is not in the list of allowed shipping destinations, please contact me and I will evaluate the situation accordingly.
  • If you buy something here, you're agree that you know what you're doing, I couldn't be responsible for any damage a bad installation could done to your environment.


  • The Prototypes may or not may work 100% (i.e some feature can be buggy, missing or not working). I'm not selling junk, if it's on the store it means they should work ok, but don't expect finished/commercial quality.

2nd Hand/Refurbish

  • Everything sold here was used. I'm taking care of my stuff so they will have minors cosmetics/blemishes/dents.
  • They will work without any problem and be tested before being packed and ready to ship.

Please use contact page if you require any additional clarifications.