NES-I/O Version 1.5

An idea by Arcade-TV from :) Thank you very much!!!

The board replaces the silver box in NES frontloader. On this PCB the following components are included:

  • AC input jack
  • AC to DC conversion
  • MultiAV (SNES and GC(*) are supported)
  • PIC16F684 microcontroller to control the NESRGB color palette and reset the console using your controller :D
  • The version 1.5 is adding a audio module, which can be replace by a solution you can design. The Blank version provided is acting like the original Borti's design and use the audio from eTIM's NESRGB.

Kit contains:

  • Board is already assembled, pic programmed and ready to go,
  • Bi-Color Common Cathode LED,
  • A blank audio module,
  • CPU Spacer for the eTim's RGB kit,


  • SNES compatible connector (+8$): Hardgold connector, beveled edges, PETG housing.

(note: the housing is printed on demand, so expect a bit of delay in your order)



(note: There is an other version of this mod which avoid to cut the plasic of the shell. It uses a miniDIN 9pin as output: )

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Borti's NES I/O Ver. 1.5

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USD $30.00 Ex Tax: USD $30.00

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