Atomiswave Multiout

Want to play your Atomiswave on a CRT TV which doesn't have SCART or Component inputs?
This is the device for you!

Based on Mike Chi's VGA2SCART, this device uses the VGA and CN3 connector, and will let you output Composite and RGB, as long as stereo sound from the Atomiswave.
It's compatible with NTSC or PAL60hz TV with a simple switch

The kit contains:

  • The Main PCB with:
    • All the electronics for VGA to Composite, Chroma and Luma signals,
    • Dual Frequency Oscillator for both PAL/NTSC support,
    • THS7374 + LP Filter support for the RGB output,
    • Pass-through audio,
  • The "Hat" PCB with:
    • Line-in Levels for the audio,
    • RCA outputs (Composite + Stereo Audio)
    • Genesis 2/Megadrive 2 mini-din 9pin RGB+Composite (sync on Luma)
    • Switches for LP Filter and NTSC/PAL selection.
  • 3D Printed enclosure

The system is modular, so you can do your own "hat" if the one by default is not suitable for you.
Check the Github depository:

Check the Video about it (and a quick cleaning + Noctua fan mod + battery replacement):

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Atomiswave Multiout

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