• Mega Amp 2.0 Pro for Genesis/Megadrive (Rev 1.2)

Mega Amp 2.0 Pro for Genesis/Megadrive (Rev 1.2)

Original Design by Ace and Villahed94

This is the prototype of my version of the Mega Amp 2.0 Pro.

This is the revision 1.2, with proper attenuation as recommended bt Ace.

However: It has a minor sound distortion on the mono output (witch is corrected on the Rev 2)

You need to specify:

  • The filtering you want (full/Mixed/unfiltered)
  • The revision of the Genesis/Megadrive you are going to install

You can also pickup the DIY kit, which you'll have to solder yourself the missing resistors/caps to fit your needs (revision of the Genesis or the filtering options):

The DIY kit will include:

  • Board with presoldered components common to all consoles' revisions,
  • Different values of Resistors for R1/R2, R7/R9, R30/R31 and R27 (75K, 2.2k, 10k, 15k, 16k, 100k, 130k, 200k ohms),
  • Different values or Capacitors for C7/C8 and C18/C19,  (27pf, 180pf, 2000pf)
  • 75ohm resistors for SegaCD/32X inputs
  • two C945 Transistors
  • 2.2Kohm resistors (R5 for SN76489)

Details and Installation PDF available HERE!

All installations details are in the back of the PCB.

Installations, explanation here:


Github depository:


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Mega Amp 2.0 Pro for Genesis/Megadrive (Rev 1.2)

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