Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) + Switchless mod for Sega Genesis/Megadrive

This is PCB wich replace the Main Oscillator on the Sega Genesis/Megadrive model 1 and 2.

This was not tested on Model 3

This mod regroup on a same design:

  • The Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) with frequencies for both PAL and NTSC
  • The Switchless mod (with DForce3000 code) which cycles between USA/JAP/EU region for video signal and language settings and RGB led support.

The kit contains:

  • A PCB already programmed with Sega Genesis/Megadrive frequency (you don't need the programmer)
  • A PCB for the RGB LED  (they will be populated with proper components, pics are here as exemple). You need to select the model of your console.

Note: There's a jumper underneath the PCB, next to the PIC: This is to select "Active-high" or "Active-low" reset depending of your console.

Exemple: MK1 VA4 is active-high, M5 PAL (no marking) is active-low, MK2 V1.8 is active-low, etc.

Basically, if there's a 510k ohms resistor (should be R2) between the reset switch of your console and ground, your console is Active High and need the jumper to be soldered)

Here's a video of my installation on my own console.

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Dual Frequency Oscillator (DFO) + switchless mods for Sega Genesis/Megadrive

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