• Borti's NES I/O Ver. 1.5 - NOCUT!

NES-I/O Version 1.5 - NOCUT!

An idea by Arcade-TV from circuit-board.de :) Thank you very much!!!

This version was design to avoid cutting the back of your Front Loader, replacing the SNES A/V Multiout port by a 9pin miniDIN port for RGB and sound "Genesis 2/Megadrive 2 style", and a 4pin miniDIN for the SVIDEO.


  • YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE 75ohms RESISTORS ON RGB LINES ON eTIM NESRGB, or the image will be too dark,

The board replaces the silver box in NES frontloader. On this PCB the following components are included:

  • AC input jack
  • AC to DC conversion
  • 9pin miniDIN output (RGB+Audio)
  • 4pin miniDIN S-VIDEO ouput
  • PIC16F684 microcontroller to control the NESRGB color palette and reset the console using your controller :D
  • The version 1.5 is adding a audio module, which can be replace by a solution you can design. The Blank version provided is acting like the original Borti's design and use the audio from eTIM's NESRGB.

Kit contains:

  • Board is already assembled, pic programmed and ready to go,
  • Bi-Color Common Cathode LED,
  • A blank audio module,
  • CPU Spacer for the eTim's RGB kit,

Depository: https://github.com/TRP-Retromods/NES_IO_1.5

Installation: https://github.com/borti4938/NESRGB-IGR/blob/master/NES-IO/NESIO_Installation.pdf

(note: There is an other version of this mod which uses a SNES Multiout, but you'll have to cut the plastic of the bottom shell: https://trp-retromods.ca/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=75 )

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Borti's NES I/O Ver. 1.5 - NOCUT!

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Borti's NES I/O Ver. 1.5

Borti's NES I/O Ver. 1.5

NES-I/O Version 1.5An idea by Arcade-TV from circuit-board.de :) Thank you very much!!!The board rep..

USD $30.00 Ex Tax: USD $30.00

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