Madcatz TE EZ MOD

Modify your Madcatz TE/VS/TE-S/TE+S/Brawl Stick/Fight Stick Pro to use any of Brook’s PCBs easily. Will also allow install of custom Pico Fighting Boards that have been adapted to the Standard Fight Stick PCB layout. This EZ MOD is allows for MINIMAL modifications to your MCZ stick replacing the home area PCB and connecting to the new fighting board using the included wiring. You will need to modify (cut and strip) the ribbon cables that come off of the button PCB in each of these sticks and connect them to the screw terminals on the Brook PCB, but that’s the hardest part.

This EZ MOD does work on all MCZ sticks that use the “home” area easily, with one minor difference for the MCZ SE sticks. The SE series has a small PCB for the START and SELECT buttons with connecting wires that require some splicing. Its’ not hard, but it should be noted that does require a splice for the lock out ground.

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Kit contains:

  • PCB,
  • USB harness + USB adapter,
  • full harness set.

Recommended accessories:

  • Brook PCB (any works) or Pico Fighting Board
  • PCB feet to mount your fighting board of choice to the case.

Recommended tools:

  • Phillips screw driver
  • Allen Key Set
  • Wire cutters and Strippers
  • Small exact knife for cutting a “fuse” on the EZ MOD based on the stick you are using.

Jasen's live Stream where he installed this into a MCZ VS stick:

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Madcatz TE EZ MOD

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